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Lebanon Set to Receive Award for Bikeability, New London Reflects

The City of Lebanon, NH is looking to receive a distinguished rating, as one of the top Bicycle Friendly communities in the country. The League of American Bicyclists ranks communities on their bike-a-ability and Lebanon Recreation Director, Paul Coates acknowledged that anything that brings public attention to the sport and the city is a beneficial thing for the city.

Scott Blewitt is the recreation director for the towns of Sunapee and New London NH and he agrees with what Coates said of his town. We spoke to Blewitt, who explains the positive impact of biking on his community and if New London would be eligible for a similar award.
The League of American Bicyclists uses a multi-faceted questionnaire to make the determination of bikeable cities. Before cooler fall temperatures hit, now is a perfect time to take out your own bike and promote the bikeability of your own town.

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